Basic Membership is Free of charge.

      Basic membership includes:

  • You can post a massage request whether you looking for or offering massage.
  • Your free membership account will be automatically created along with your post.
  • You can be directly contacted by paid members if they initiate contact with you.
  • You can receive and respond to email messages, chat message or you can be contacted via your phone if you provide.
  • You can upgrade to become paid member anytime so then you can start to see all details of all members and you can initiate contact with anyone on the site.
      Paid Membership is £60 for 6 months.
     (Recommended & Limited Offer)
No recurring payment so this is a pay as you go option.

      Paid membership includes:

  • Once you have a free post whether you’re looking for or offering massage on the site, you’re able to login to your account then click on  purchase membership.
  • You can search and see all members posts and full details on the site.
  • You can directly initiate contact with anyone on the site via email messages, chat messages or call members via phone if phone numbers provided.
  • You can upgrade your post for £50/100days or you can create another post for £60/6months in different category for more exposure on the site.

         Click Here to buy the 6 moths membership.