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Life can be really tiring at times whether because of voluminous piles of paper at work, scheduled exams, non-stop chores at house or any activities that do not only exhaust you physically but mentally. Due to these overwhelming activities, it is understandable that most people would want a break and with that said, a massage is definitely on the list! Well, it can be difficult sometimes, for those who has a huge love for massage, to find the best place specially one that is affordable or within someone’s budget. Hence, this is where we come in!

We designed a helpful way for those interested in free massage or in a massage exchange. Our site is looking forward to making a difference by providing a free posting platform. This platform provides a very easy steps that allows everyone to post a massage request or offer. As we endeavour to make certain that transactions here are genuine, only paid members can search within the posts and can initiate direct contact with everyone posted on the site.

Everyone is welcome to become a member and be part of the UK's massage network!

How does this work?

By this time, you may have a lot of questions on your mind, and yes, this is the ultimate question which we will answer for you.  It will only take couple of minutes to post your massage request or get in touch those who are looking for massage in this site so let us begin with the “HOW?”. We assure that it is super easy to be a member of this site. First, post your massage request, which is for FREE. After that, it will create your basic member account so paid members can get in touch with you and offer a free massage or massage exchange. We made it so simple for everyone to have an easy access for a free massage experience.

Being a Paid Member.

If you become a paid member, you will have access to all members posts specifically those who are looking for free massage session or massage exchange and get in touch with them right away! By being a paid member, you will have to pay a membership fee which will only cost you equivalent of 60 minutes of massage fee, in exchange you will have 6 months of FULL ACCESS of this site! So, start meeting up with the ones near you and enjoy a hassle-free transaction in providing free massages!

This Site.

Our site is created and designed to help thousands of people in the UK who wish to receive a free massage to break away from stress or exhaustion with day-to-day activities. Not only that, but we are also giving an avenue for those massage therapists who want to promote their businesses or match up with other massage enthusiasts for a massage exchange without payment. Moreover, we aim to provide a matching connection for those interested in Therapeutic or Sensual massage. We offer the best way to meet with individual massage lovers and other massage therapists or trade your business in the most effective way by offer first session for free.

Our introduction and explainer videos below.

The Massage Styles We Promote.

You can post or search within the two most popular massage styles that suits your needs.

Some of the Recent Posts.

You can browse to the lates posts that basic and paid members has posted about free massage requests or offers.


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Search and find a massage partner easily.

You can search by location, category, type or nickname.

The Simple Rules of this Site.

We would like to highlight that this site works as a platform for massage lovers and not an adult social network and no compensated dating or any financial or valuable support for massage arranged through the site. If you want to meet up with others for a free massage or build your client base by offering the first session for free basis, you are most welcome to use your account for personal or commercial purpose. To register and post your massage request is free of charge but if you want to search and find others, then it will require you to become a paid member.

Massage for FREE in a nutshell:

You might as well read this to have a quick grasp of this site:

1. If you belong to those massage enthusiasts or just someone who loves massages either by giving or receiving massages, you are on the right place! Here on Massage For Free, you can find the perfect massage partner so you can give or receive a massage for free.

2. If you are a beginner about massage and want to be skilled and learn from others, then it is the best opportunity to find a partner to practice on or exchange massage.

3. If you are doing massage for a living but having a hard time building a client base, this is the perfect avenue! Doing or giving a free massage is sometimes a very good marketing opportunity to build a client base as well as networking. Well, hey! Massage therapists need massages for themselves too, so here you can find fellow colleagues to exchange.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Some of our members latest testimonials.

I came across this site and I thought I will give it a go. Took 3days then massage was arranged with a member. Excellent!

Basic Member

I become a member and expecting not much but I was surprised when a few members arranged massage with me and we all enjoyed.

Paid Member

Recently became a member of this site and already had two massage swaps. Great massage experience from friendly people.

Paid Member

Fantastic massage community. Great connections with experienced masseurs and great massages received. 

Basic Member

Really appreciated that members have contacted me and offered free sessions. Definitely recommended for those love massages. 

Basic Member

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