Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to contact us.

Yes, you can post a massage request or massage offer for free of charge.

Also, it will automatically create a basic free membership account for you where you can login to see your post and respond to chat messages.

You can be contacted by a paid members through contact details you provided. Members normally contacting through chat option which available on the site or send you a message that you receive in your email or call you if you shared your phone number.

If you want to search within posts and directly contact others then you have to become a paid member.

Currently we have 6 months membership option available for as little as £60.

No, there is no recurring payment and no obligation at all. You pay for 6 months membership and once the 6 months expires it is your choice to purchase another 6 months membership.

Yes, you can easily cancel your free post within your accessible account and if you want to cancel your account or paid membership you can ask us to cancel. Please note, that paid membership fee is not refundable.

Yes, as in terms of you to receive messages ie: chat messages, or email massages it requires some basic information such as your name and your email address.

The registration automatically comes with your free post. 

It is simply straightforward as when you post your free massage request or massage offer it will automatically creates your registration.

We require your name and you email address to be provided but phone number is optional.

Your username will be automatically created from your main part of your email address but you post nickname will be whatever you chosen when you place your post.

All login details and verification emails will be sent to your email address. 

Everyones posts contains the information what you have provided when posted and every posts it stands for as a primary profile. Posts details can be changed or deleted at anytime.

Please note, that Post Nickname you choose may already exist in our system, hence automatically we add a number after it. We suggest to choose your Post Nickname which contains a couple of numbers you prefer to use ie: John Doe H99 or JaneD81.

If you found your massage partner and if you do not wish to be contacted anymore then you can just delete the post which is stands for as your public profile. 

However, your account will be remain active so in the future if you wish to do a new post it will require a listing fee to be paid. 

If you made payment towards to membership, please allow us some time to process. Once, we received your payment it normally takes couple hours but within 72 hours your account will be upgraded.

Please first check your login details including the verification email which we sent to your email address (check your promotion and spam folder as well) and if you still experience problems then contact us and we will help to sort it out.

You can easily edit and update  your post which is stand for as your primary profile. You need to login and do it under the My Account page. Every editing and update will be reviewed by the site administrator before finally published. We highly recommend to not edit or update too often. Basic members allowed 3 times to edit their posts in the 6 months run and Paid members allowed 6 times to edit their post in the 6 months run. 

We ask everyone to please consider the correct photos before upload. We do not allow any nudity or indecent photos to be published on our site. Indecent photos will be removed before published or we may not publish that post at all. We also not publish photos that contain any contact details of you. If you upload a high resolution photo, our image optimiser program may reduce the quality of it for the site's better performance. 

No, we do not allow access to the site from abroad because the site is designed to be used in the UK and for the site and members safety we restrict abroad accesses. 

Only put information to your post whatever you want to be displayed in front of other members. As your post is your profile as well so it is recommended that you upload some photos that belong to you. Email address is essential in terms of register and get in connected with others. You can provide your contact number if you want to be contacted by paid members through call or text which normally the quickest method to arrange massage.

Do not put any fool or sexually suggestive language. Do not put any discriminatively suggestive context. Do not put any harmful link. Do not upload any pictures which you have no rights to use or it is show nudity/explicit.


Your post will be active for 6 months unless you upgrade to extend it.

Currently, we allow 2 posts per person. The first post is free of charge. You also can post a second post but there is a charge fee for that.

You have to be at least 18 old to use or post a massage request on our site. We strictly restricting access to anyone under 18 years old!

Chat option is available on every member's post and this is for initial contact only.

Although, we highly recommend to use the Email to Members option as with that the recipient immediately receives your message in email and can be replied directly without login to the site. 

For the Chat option, we do not recommend to use it for a long conversations as it may exceed your chat quota limit that is currently not more than 2000 words in the 6 months run.

We do not send chat message notification to receipent so it will be seen if the recipient logged in.

Please note that inactive conversations will be deleted after 30 days.

This site has a valid SSL certificate and should work on every browser.

However, as we do regular updates, maintenance and security scan on the site so it is possible that you may experience temporary problem that likely be alleviated after some delay.

In case of a problem, we recommend you to clear your browser cache.

In an occasion you try to login with incorrect details, the site automate security may log you out for 4 hours. You have to wait 4 hours to try it login again and you have to ensure that the login details are correct. Make sure that your email address you use for login is correct and spelled correctly. We suggest to save your login details on your device so you can avoid mistakes.